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Light Analysis

Photon Counting Camera

The LinCam is the solution for for scanning-free time correlated single photon counting with megapixel positional resolution combined with 40 ps temporal accuracy.

Active Area 17 mm
Pixels (resolution) 1000 x 1000
Temporal Resolution < 40ps
Max Count Rate  1MHz


There are several models of Monochromators available in both single and double configuration with excellent stray light performance.
Wavelength  Range Focal Length Ports
200nm-2400nm 150mm 2
200nm-50um 300mm 3
200nm-50um 300mm 4
200nm-50um 300mm 3
200nm-50um 600mm 4
200nm-50um 600mm 3


There are several models of configurable Spectroradiometers covering the range from 200nm to 3000nm.
Spectral Range Accuracy
200-1100nm 1nm
200-1100nm 1nm
200-3000nm 0.1nm


The BPC 300 spectrophotometer offers accurate characterization of photochromic lens transmission in the faded and AM2 conditioned states.
Spectral Range Beam Size Accuracy
280-780nm 4mm 0.2nm

Photovoltaic EQE and IQE System

The PVE 300 system is an complete solution for determination of solar cell spectral response including EQE and IQE measurements.
Spectral Range Probe Size Accuracy
300-2500nm 6x6mm +/-0.2nm


There are a range of accessories available for the light and color instruments including integrating spheres, fiber optic cables and cosine correction optics.


The Asteria is a high speed measurement device suited for luminance, illuminance and flicker measurments.
Spectral Range Spot Size Accuracy
380-780nm 10mm 8%

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