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LED Modules

LED Modules

The LED Mod series is a high power TEC cooled module that can provide either fiber coupled or free space output.

Wavelength Power
255nm 150uW
265nm 400uW
275nm 6mW
280nm 600uW
310nm 6mW
340nm 50mW
365nm 450mW
385nm 450mW
405nm 450mW
455nm 450mW
470nm 450mW
505nm 100mW
528nm 100mW
590nm 100mW
617nm 450mW
625nm 450mW
850nm 800mW
950nm 800mW

Steropes LED Source

The Steropes LED light source is a full spectrum LED source for use with colorimeters and spectrometers.

Spectral Range Resolution Accuracy
380-780nm 0.1% 0.1%

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