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Pulsed Diode Modules

QuixX Pulsed Diode Modules

The QuixX Pulsed Diode Module is a turn-key diode module with integrated driver and TEC designed for applications such as FLIM, Fluorescence Microscopy and TCSPC.

375nm300mW70ps40 MHz
405nm300mW70ps40 MHz
440nm150mW70ps40 MHz
470nm150mW90ps40 MHz
480nm100mW110ps40 MHz
510nm100mW100ps40 MHz
635nm200mW100ps40 MHz

Pilas Pulsed Diode Modules

The Pilas Pulsed Diode system has a separate controller and Laser head. With short pulses and low timing jitter the system is ideal for detector calibration and testing.
WavelengthPower (peak)PulsewidthRep-rate
375nm300mW45ps120 MHz
405nm300mW45ps120 MHz
440nm150mW70ps120 MHz
470nm150mW60ps120 MHz
480nm100mW60ps120 MHz
510nm100mW140ps120 MHz
635nm200mW45ps120 MHz
665nm200mW45ps120 MHz
690nm200mW50ps120 MHz
720nm200mW50ps120 MHz
770nm100mW50ps120 MHz
805nm100mW50ps120 MHz
830nm100mW50ps120 MHz
850nm100mW50ps120 MHz
880nm100mW50ps120 MHz
905nm100mW50ps120 MHz
940nm100mW50ps120 MHz
980nm100mW50ps120 MHz
1060nm100mW60ps120 MHz
1310nm50mW35ps120 MHz
1550nm50mW35ps120 MHz
1990nm100mW80ps120 MHz

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