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Lamp Sources

Xenon Source

The short-arc xenon light source provides high radiance throughout the UV-vis-NIR
Wavelength Power Voltage
250-1500nm 150W 16V
250-1500nm 75W 15V

Halogen Source

The IL1 Halogen source delivers broadband radiation with excellent stability.
Wavelength Power Voltage
350-4500nm 100W 12V

Silicon Nitride Emitter

The IL8 delivers broadband radiation deep into the infrared spectral region.
Wavelength Power Voltage
200-400nm 30W 85V

Deuterium Source

The IL6 deuterium light source provides convenient measurement over the UV spectral range.
Wavelength Power Voltage
200-400nm 30W 85V

Dual Sources

These dual source systems provide a versatile source of broadband illumination
Wavelength Power Voltage
350nm- 30um 100/40W 12V
250-2500nm 75/100W 15V
200-2500nm 30/100W 100V

Lamp Power Supplies

The 610 and 706 power supplies for Bentham Lamp sources.
Voltage Current Stability
60-110VDC 300mA 0.05%
26VDC 10.4A 0.05%

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