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Tunable Lasers

Chromacity OPO

The Chromacity OPO is our flagship product. We are the first company to offer tuneable optical parametric oscillator products that cover both the near-IR and mid-IR wavelength regions.
Wavelength Power Pulse Duration Rep-rate
1.45-1.8um 850mW* ~1.5ps 100 MHz
2.4-3.8um 350mW** ~1.5ps 100 MHz

*Highest signal average power at 1.5um
** Highest idler average power at 3.3um

Aurora II OPO

The Aurora II Integra series combines a Type II BBO broadband OPO and Nd:YAG nanosecond pump source into a single laser head.  True no-gap tunable output from 410 to 2600nm with options to extend into the 210 to 410nm UV range.

Wavelength Energy Pulse Duration Rep-rate
470-710 nm 65 mJ* 6-10 ns 10-30 Hz
710-2300 nm 16 mJ** 6-10 ns 10-30 Hz

*Highest signal
** Highest idler

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